4-H Shooting Sports Program Oldham County Kentucky

4H LogoHere in Oldham County, Kentucky, we are dedicated to the Safety Education of our youth.
We have several 4-H Trained Instructors for our Shooting Sports Program.
We meet at Mac's Lake Lodge in LaGrange, Kentucky, on Tuesday afternoons at 6:30PM in the spring, summer, and early fall.

We have lectures and practice secessions for .22 Sporting Rifle, .22 Target Rifle, BB rifle, Pellet Rifle and Pistol, as well as Black Powder Pistol and Rifle.
We also have Instructors for Archery using Long Bows and Compound Bows.

We have loaner equipment that the participants can try out to see if they want to compete in a new activity.

There are also instructors for the shotgun sports as well.



MARCH 2012

Oldham County Extension Office

1815 N Highway 393

502-222-9453 or 502-222-1983

Learn to safely handle and use firearms.

* BB and Air Rifle and Pistol
* 22 Rifle and Pistol
* Shotgun
* Black Powder Rifle and Pistol

Kentucky Hunter Education Class

NOTE: The major emphasis is NOT on competition, but on participation and Safety Education.

4-H Shooting Sports Information Brochure

Our County Coordinator is Ken O'Barr
228-8032 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ken O'Barr, and Ken Smith are a few of our .22 Rifle Coaches.
Wayne McLeod is the Black Powder Coach
Scott Scheffield is the rifle coach

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