Helpful Files

rices for Loads of powder in 1.0 grain increments

An Excel Spreadsheet form that gives prices for different amounts of powder at different prices per pound.
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Suggested Equipment List

Word document listing as many pieces of Reloading gear as I could think of. Some are used every time that you load, and a few will be used maybe twice over a couple of years. This list of gear would get you started very well.

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Free Stuff

100 1522 2Plans for a Reloading Bench

Click Here for Reloading Bench Plans

Metallic Silhouette Targets

Click Here for Correctly Scaled Metallic Silhouette Target Templates

Target Stand

Self-setting Target Stand

47# Ram attached to battery operated target stand .
Target stands back up in less than 5 seconds once hit.
Click Here for an mpg movie (with sound) file of the target being hit and standing back up.

It is a rather large file but worth the wait.

You will find a smaller animated file of the stand dropping and resetting Here (no sound)

Radar Tracking

Tracking a Missle Radar tracking and GPS

This is a shot of two identical systems tracking a missle launch from Kodiak Island, Alaska.
Dusk in Alaska Just before dark, in Alaska

A view after a long day in Alaska
Tracking Pedestal Tracking Pedestal for NASA

Tracking Pedestal, prior to mounting on the trailer for NASA.
System for NASA Mobile Tracking System

Tracking System mounted on 48 ft Trailer
Tracking System w/24 FT dish on Trailer for NASA  
Honeywell System in the Snow  
System in the Day