Elliott Contracting & Repair

CAVEAT EMPTOR :  REGARDING...  Rob Elliott Contracting & Repair LLC, Bedford, Kentucky

If you are considering having this gentleman do some work for you, you should contact me and let me tell you about his service and the general abilities of his crew... or simply review the facts and photos below and know you have been advised.

(These images (larger shots below) are of actual work described below.)
bowed header and crooked face board screws not driven in-01 dents and scars-01
bowed lumber to build a supporting beam screws are not driven fully into the structure 'screws' hammered in
wrap not trimmed NOT COOL not enough screws-01
house wrap should have been trimmed missing screws and the ones there are crooked

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) is completely useless.
A non response to my complaint by Mr Elliott,
results in them simply closing the case. click here to view their response.


The facts about Elliott Contracting and Repair per my personal experience

The first thing that you should know is that this is not his main job.  He drives a school bus for the county where he lives.  He has a crew of illegal drug users and convicted criminals working for him.

 I contracted with him to finish a building job that I had started.  It was a fiasco from the beginning.  First thing that he told me was that all of his workers were 'bonded'.  The next thing that I know, his foreman is in jail for fraud.  The foreman took money from people to start a job and never returned to do the work.  Then, one of his crew was dismissed for failing a drug test. Then, he has a new foreman.  He seemed like he knew his job.

A few days later I came home after work to find that plastic house wrap had been installed.  This is what I wanted.  But, they installed 9 foot wide wrap on 10 foot walls.  There was a gap at the top and the bottom of the walls.  I had them remove it and reinstall it to cover the entire wall from foundation to soffitt.  Next I come home at lunch to find that they are installing my brand new steel roof.  They are driving the SCREWS into the steel and the underlayment with HAMMERS!!  I should have thrown them off the property then, but I didn't.  They finally got the job cobbled together the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  I asked them if they were going to put any screws into the walls to hold the steel siding on.  They only had one row of screws at the top and one row at the bottom.  The foreman put one additional row of screws into the siding.  There should be at least one more row in a 10 foot tall wall.

The sliding door was out of plumb so badly that I rebuilt it myself and rehung the siding on the front of the building to square it up.

Looking at the roof, the rows of screws are not straight and look like they were installed by a dyslexic man with a bad sense of balance.  The rows of screws in the siding are in no better condition.  There are dents in the siding and screws that are hammered in crooked.  There are screws that are not even driven in far enough that the sealing washer touches the steel. There are holes in the steel siding where they had screws, and had to remove them for one reason or another, and did not put them back in.   And, it seems that they didn't get enough of the foam seal for the ridge cap when they bought the metal.  So, when the foreman was installing the ridge cap he ran out of the foam seal.  He just installed the rest of the ridge cap with no seal.  I have at least 20 feet of roof with no seal on one side at the ridge cap.  I got on the roof and felt under the opposite side for the seal.  I could not find any on the far side at all.  But, I did not go all of the way down the ridge, so there might be somefarther down.

After I paid him for the final work, it rained.  I had several LEAKS in my BRAND NEW METAL  ROOF!!  This should be a 40 year roof.  He has not given me the warranty information for the roofing and siding, either.  A week or so later he sent 2 of his guys over to work on it.  They patched a few of the places where screws hit the joints of the OSB underlayment, and stopped the worst of the leaks. They withdrew the screws that had cracked sealing washers and installed new ones with silicone caulking under the sealing washers.  The roof of this building is visible from the rear deck of my home.  I see this every day, and will for as long as I own this property. They caulked and correctly installed the attic vent on the rear wall.  The next time that it rained there was another leak.  Then, Mr. Elliott stopped answering my phone calls and text messages.  He would not respond to emails.  So, I contacted the BBB and they wrote him a letter.  He wrote me an email and said that he was upset that I contacted them.  I wrote back that he left me no choice.  Mr. Elliott wrote that if I would get him the exact location of the leak that he would be here personally to repair the leak within a week.  That was the first week of January.  As I write this it is the second week of February, and he has not made any attempt to rectify the situation.  Now, I will say that we have had some bad weather.  I do not see that it is my problem.  Mr. Elliott has taken a beating on this project, to hear him tell it.  I say that it is I who has been beaten.  All that I asked was to have a new building that I could be proud of.  Any time that Mr. Elliott asked for money I paid him.  All of my checks cleared.

As far as I am concerned, Elliott Contracting & Repair LLC has not lived up to their promises.

I have pictures to show that speak volumes.



Here are a few pictures that will bear out my complaints


bowed header and crooked face board


This picture clearly shows the poor choice of bowed lumber to build a supporting beam for the rafters, and the crooked lumber that was used for the facia board at the eave of the roof.


screws not driven in-01


This picture clearly shows that the screws are not driven fully into the structure.  Note that the sealing washers do not touch the steel.



 dents and scars-01

This picture clearly shows a sample of the dents and scars that are all over the building.





wrap not trimmed


Here you can clearly see the slip shod attitude of the workers.  They take no pride in the appearance of their work.  The house wrap should have been trimmed.  This is a small thing, but only one of many.


not enough screws-01


This picture shows the absense of screws in the rear of the building.  There should be 3 rows of screws on all sides, not counting the top and bottom of the walls.  You can also see the crooked row of the screws that are there.


It is February 4 as I write this.  All that I ask, and all that I have asked, is that Rob Elliott Contracting & Repair LLC step up and do what is right. 


I invite anyone that wants to check on this company to contact me.  I will try to keep this web page updated and will add new pictures if I find anything alse that needs attention.


Thanks for your time.  Best of luck to you all.


Dennis Wayne McLeod

La Grange, KY  February 2012