Engine Work


After a false start, I removed the crank and main bearings. I cleaned them, deburred the bearing caps and rechecked the clearances. This time they were all within specs. I reinstalled the crank with Lots of assembly lube.

As I fit the pistons and rods I rotated the crank using the harmonic damper. As each piston was added, it got stiffer to turn. When I assembled the 5th piston, I discovered that the rod nut hit the block. I paid to have the block clearanced, but this one didn't get enough. I took a Dremel tool and a sanding drum to the block in the offending area. I was amazed at how easy the material came off. I had enough clearance in just a few seconds, and radiused the area where I had to remove material. As it turned out, I had to do the same for piston number 7 also.

Here I am in the process of fitting the timing gears into position. I still have to remove some material from the idler stud, but it won't be long now.