Engine Work 2

I have finished the bottom end and installed the oil pump, pan, and timing cover. The harmonic damper is so large that I had to bend the timing mark tab up and out of the way to get it on.

I have the heads and roller rocker arms installed. Who knew that I would need longer pushrods? I rushed to PAW auto parts Sunday 10 minutes before they closed and got a new set. They worked OK.
Left Side of Engine
Right Side of Engine
Completed Assembly

Here is the finished engine Assembly. The valve covers have gasketed removeable tops, and I have installed a set of wire looms. I bought a new distributor cap and a set of wires. I will get them installed soon. The main drive pulley and the water pump pulley only have one groove. I will need to get some others for the power steering pump. I have bought a separate vacuum pump to run the brakes. The cam has over .500 inch lift, and i don't know how much overlap. So, I don't know if it will make vacuum or not. I expect to find out when I run it on the test stand. That is my next project. To start next week.