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This is a picture of the prototype Shooter's Cart at its first match. We offer this particular version in an all Stainless Steel construction. The final configuration will be complete with all necessary features.

Our shooting cart features include an ice chest for your drinks, a socket and clamp for your spotting scope stand, a shelf to hold your score book while you shoot, a set of straps for your shooting mat, a pair of rests for your rifle, and a canvas bag for your ammo and other miscellaneous gear.

This shooting stool features pneumatic tires with dual ball bearing hubs for easy rolling over soft ground and sand. The all stainless steel construction offers the benefits of no scratching and, more importantly, NO RUST.

We offer a fully comprehensive LIFETIME warranty on all parts of this piece of equipment. This includes ALL PARTS, including the tires. If you wear the tires out, send them back to me and I will replace them.

Please contact us for any questions and ordering information.
Shot Timers

This handy item is configured for the Metallic Silhouette Course of fire.

It is set up to hold 2 sets of 5 cartridges.

It can be custom sized for your specific needs.

A handy Countdown timer lets you know at a glance exactly how much time is left.
Automatic SettingTarget Stand

The link below is a downloadable movie with sound. It is a large file and may take several minutes to load. It is worth the wait!

Must have RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, or similar device to view this movie.

Stand Movie

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