Gear Buggy Shooter's Cart and Stool

Gear Buggy, w/Seat and Scorebook Shelf in the Down Position Gear Buggy

This Shooter's Cart was designed by shooters for shooters. We have assembled a system that should take care of all of your needs as a High Power Rifle Competitor. In this configuration, the empty weight is approximately 40 pounds. The scope mount has not been added, yet. The seat is 16 gauge sheet with a lip folded on the leading edge. It will support the most 'hefty' shooter.

This is the prototype cart, and as such, was not painted. That is why it looks 'rusty'. I am currently using stainless steel tubing, rod, and hardware for all of the new manufacture carts. I offer a lifetime warranty from wear due to normal usage. Anything that I cannot repair I will replace. This includes tires and wheels. There are no real options, as I include everything for the shooter in the basic cart. The straps for the mat, the cooler, the gear bag, the rifle support cradles, and the storage for your spotting scope stand are all included. However, if you want a taller version to accomodate a very tall person, I can offer a taller handle for you. If you have any further questions, please contact me with the email link at the left. Thanks. Dennis McLeod
Scorebook Shelf Shown in the Up Position Gear Buggy w/Seat & Scorebook Shelf in the Up Position

Here the Scorebook Shelf is shown in the Up Position, with the seat used as a support.
Optional Wheels Optional Wheels

These are the wheels that we considered for use. The pneumatic wheels are 10" diameter and weigh approximately 5 pounds. The spoked wheels are 12" diameter and weigh approximately 6 pounds.
Folded for Transport or Storage Folded for Transport

Here the Gear Buggy is shown in the Folded condition, for transport or storage. This is the LARGE version. It is approx 28" across the wheels, 10" tall over the wheels, and 44" in overall length. The SMALL version is approximately 25" across the wheels and 41" in overall length. Additional considerations can be made on a one-on-one basis for special conditions.
Gear Buggy
Here is the Gear Buggy at its first match.

We are at Camp Perry this week, but, we are redesigning the entire system to make it more compact and user friendly. While the initial prototype was made from carbon steel, we are using 304 stainless steel for the production models. This will give us a non-rusting cart that is a lifetime investment, as we are offering a lifetime warranty on every piece of the system.
We are in process of manufacturing the prototype od our new Spotting Scope Stand, the Steady-View fully articulated scope stand. It has the unique advantage of offering a moveable stop to allow the scope to swivel in azimuth without losing your elevation setting. More on this to come in the next few days. Please call or email for more information.