Interior Stuff

I got the Electronic gauge package back from Dakota Digital. It is really great! Digital Speedometer, Bar graph Tachometer (above the Speed), Fuel readings from 0-99%, Odometer, Water Temperature, and Oil Pressure. I also sprang for the Clock. I didn't get a great picture of my actual unit, but this is one from the Dakota Digital website. Pretty neat.

Check them out => Dakota Digital


Electronic Gauge package
Shifter Indicator Switch Assembly

After getting the engine/transmission assembled, I wanted to remove the PRNDL (Shifter Indicator for the Automatic Transmission) from the Instrument Panel.. I fabricated a bracket from sheetmetal and mounted it to the transmission shifter area. I mounted Waterproof Switches that are actuated by tabs I welded onto the shifter levers.
Shifter Switch Bracket Assembly

I removed the PRNDL Assembly and fabricated a backet to hold the LED's. Each one is wired to a switch in the previous picture. As the shifter is moved into each gear position the respective lever actuates a switch and a light comes on where the PRNDL was. The REVERSE indicator is a blinking RED light. First gear is a GREEN light, second gear is a Yellow light, third gear is a VIOLET light, and fourth gear is a BLUE light.
  Rowing Thru the Gears