Reloading Classes near Louisville


This is a picture of the reloading area in my shop at home near Louisville, KY.  It is where I teach the NRA Reloading Class, as well as where I load my own ammunition.  I have all of the commonly found reloading equipment set up for use during the Class.  Each student is allowed the opportunity to use all of  this equipment during the class.  We will study each step of the process of safely reloading metallic cartridges, whether it is a straight walled pistol case such as the .45 ACP, or a bottle-necked rifle case like the .30-06 or the .223. 

Here is a link to a list of reloading equipment

It contains most, but certainly not all, of the equipment that is available to the casual reloader.

I am not saying that you will need everything on this list.  Quite adequate ammunition may be loaded with almost no equipment at all.  The original Lee Loader uses a hammer as your only tool.  I used that tool for quite a while before I purchased my first press.  The Lyman 310 Tong Tool, or similar equipment, has been used for over a century to load millions of rounds of ammunition.

So, if you are interested in taking a class, contact me through the link in the menu on the left, or call me at 502-558-1043.  I can teach the NRA Basic Class or if you are already comfortable with the basics, I offer an Advanced Reloading Class for the Long Range Shooter.  This class will address the finer points of wringing the most out of your ammunition.

I limit the quantity of students to no more than 6 at a time to ensure that each participant gets the personal attention that makes this class successful. The price for the Basic Class is $100 per student.  Multiple family members will receive a discount.  This fee includes the NRA Reloading pamphlets and the NRA test.  Students will receive a Certificate of Completion.  Students should bring materials for note taking, and specific questions related to what you expect to get out of this class.

I guarantee satisfaction, or your money back.