Super Spotter Spotting Scope Stand

Fully Erect and Deployed
Here we have the prototype for my Super Spotter Spotting Scope Stand.  Specifically tested in NRA High Power Rifle matches across the country, this stand is made for shooters, by shooters.  It is made from all stainless steel tubing and rod or aircraft grade aluminum to prevent rusting and for rigidity.  It will support your expensive spotting scope, or any scope that has  1/4-20 threaded hole in the body.  We can provide special custom mounting adapters as necessary.  The fully assembled unit stands approx 70 inches tall and weigh 14 pounds.  A right angle adapter is available for your convenience.  The stand has undergone rigorous testing by several shooters in the Southeast and the Northeast region of the USA.  A slightly smaller version is under development at this time.
Controls for the Super Spotter
Here is a view of the billet aluminum control knobs.  They allow the viewer to adjust the up and down angle as well as the side to side pointing of the scope.  A nylon insert transfers pressure to the rotation spindle and the staff to prevent scarring of the parts.  An O-Ring is installed in the scope-end of the spindle to prevent a rapid drop in elevation adjustment when the grip is loosened.  The handles are deeply knurled to provide a sure grip.
Base and controls
Here we show the billet aluminum base and sturdy aluminum folding legs.  There is a stainless steel Belleville spring washer on each leg to allow the user to adjust the folding tension to suit his tastes.  A stainless steel set screw under the base holds the adjustment for each leg securely.  A stainless steel spring pin stops each leg at the proper height for a rapid deployment.

Once again, this is the prototype for the Super Spotter Scope Stand. The prototype is made from 1-1/2 inch stainless steel diameter tubing and rod, and solid aircraft grade aluminum. The billet aluminum knurled handles are all of different diameters as I tried to find the proper amount of torque that I needed to secure the scope. I found that a knurled handle of about 1 inch diameter and 2-1/2 inches long was plenty large, and did not seem out of place on the assembly. The welds on this prototype were made in a bit of a rush, and not dressed up. The production welds will be virtually invisible. The support staffs are approximately 30 inches long. I find that 2 staffs gives the right height for an average sized standing adult while 1 staff does just fine for sitting and prone positions. We will offer different lengths if a particular shooter wants them.
The production version will have a staff diameter of 1-1/4 inches and all of the head mounting parts will be scaled down to suit the new size. The 3 billet aluminum legs will have lightening slots cut into the sides, and holes, making the legs resemble perforated I-Beams. Finished weight for a base model is 8-1/2 pounds, without the scope.
The prototype weighs 14 pounds without a scope. The new design weighs 8-1/2 pounds.

If there is anything on which I can clarify or elaborate, please call or email for more information.

Thanks, Wayne McLeod
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For more information, and pictures of the current production model, please visit my dedicated web site

Thanks, Wayne McLeod